Thursday, March 24, 2011

May I have your number,please...

Salam readers. May i get your number, please. Heh, i mean your favorite number and not your phone's number. Erm,since i have no idea to write about the relationship between mathematics & our real life, so i just ask you to do this activity...

WARNING:Pick your number wisely. 
The number that you choose will reveal your true personality....

Pick a number [from 0-9] :
Multiply the number by 3 :
Add 6 to the product :
Divide this sum by 3 :
Subtract the number you begin with from the quotient: ___ [this is ur final answer]

Your final answer will reveal your personality.

1-You r PRETTY but always having trouble in your life.
2-You r so SWEET coz visiting dis Sweet blog.
3-You r so HOT becoz the air-conditioner in your house does not functioning well.
4-You r really tired rite now.
5-you should take a break.
6-You should MANDI rite now.
7-You r liar.....
8-The number u have dial, is not yet in service.
9-I'm tired....plz pick another number..

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8 budak terer maths:

Arisa Mihashi said... BALAS


suka hati said... BALAS

haha..aku no 2..i am sweeeetttt..lalalalalla~

segi tiga said... BALAS

@Arisa Mihashi
yeay...sila cube ye

segi tiga said... BALAS

@suka hati
anda memang sweet...

Arisa Mihashi said... BALAS

lina,camne aku leh dapat same ngan ko lak.ceh.

segi tiga said... BALAS

@Arisa Mihashi
wah!nampaknya korang nih ade jodoh

suka hati said... BALAS

semuanya dusta! hahahah

Cik Jari said... BALAS

@suka hati
bukan dusta...tapi trick